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2 Days soft tissue grafting course

We don't teach But make you Understand dental implants


Course highlights

  1. Detailed audio- visual presentations.
  2. Live soft tissue harvesting and augmentation surgery
  3. Limited attendance in course to enable personal attention.
  4. Participants will practice to perform all the steps of soft tissue grafting on dummies.
  5. Full clinical support from faculty for your future soft tissue grafting cases.
  6. Affordable fee structure.
  7. Different kind of conventional to recent soft tissue augmentation techniques will be discussed in the course.
  8. Most preferred venue in north India- you get chance to visit beautiful Taj.
  9. Study material and multiple surgery videos of the soft tissue grafting are given after the course

Course details- (What is taught)

  1. general Introduction of  soft tissue management and grafting in oral implantology
  2. Disadvantages with the thin, non keratinized and mobile marginal soft tissue
  3. Advantages with the thick, keratinized, and non mobile marginal soft tissue
  4. Surgical principles of soft tissue grafting
  5. Biological mechanism of  Healing of free grafts (healing phases)
  6. Decision making of stage of implant therapy  most appropriate for soft tissue grafting
  7. Keys for successful soft tissue grafting
  8. Possible intraoral donor sites for graft harvesting
  9. Armamentarium and materials required
  10. Harvesting techniques of different kind of soft tissue grafts
  11. Recipient Site preparation for different kind of soft tissue grafts
  12. Epithelialized palatal graft or free gingival graft technique
  13. Advantages and disadvantages of Free Gingival Graft Technique
  14. Grafting Using Acellular Dermal Matrix (alloderm membrane)
  15. subepithelial connective tissue graft technique
  16. Harvesting  the conective tissue graft from the palate (open and closed approaches)
  17. subepithelial pouch techniqe
  18. modified palatal roll technique for dental implant
  19. Post surgical instructions
  20. Prevention and Management of complications
  21. Soft tissue grafting with the natural dentition



What the participants will be able to do after this training-

  1. Diagnosis and treatment planning of cases where soft tissue augmentation is necessary
  2. Decision making of appropriate grafting approach for a particular case
  3. Motivation of the patients for the necessity of soft tissue grafting procedure
  4. How to overcome the cost of the procedure
  5. Performing minimal invasive soft tissue grafting procedures
  6. Successfully performing all the soft tissue management and grafting procedures in Implant practice such as
    1. Soft tissue management in the esthetic region
    2. Regeneration of keratinized soft tissue band around the implant collar
    3. Harvesting of epithelialized connective tissue from the palate and edentulous ridge sites
Certificate - Each participant is awarded With well designed certificate of advanced Training in soft tissue grafting after this course

Course Fee:

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Whatsapp Number: +91 9760773771

Who can Attend-?
Dentists who already practicing at least basic implantology procedures

Course Dates- Organized every month

Certificate Courses
Course mentor
Dr. Ajay Vikram Singh MDS, PG. Cert. Dental implant, DICOI
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Course director
Dr. Sunita Singh (Dental surgeon& Implantologist)
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