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Dental Implant Courses

3 Days Basic Implant Course



9 Days Comprehensive Implant Course



3 Days Bone grafting course



2 Days sinus grafting course



3 Days Sinus and Nasal floor grafting course



2 Days soft tissue grafting course



2 Days ‘All on 4’ and ‘All on 6’ course

Dental Implant Book
Authored By Dr. Ajay Vikram Singh



Dr. Vu Nguyen, DDS, Texas, USA
I had lots of options in my own country (USA) but preferred to receive implant training from Dr. Ajay because he is an outstanding implant dentist and mentor.
Dr. Seidu A. Bello, Abuja, Nigeria
It was a wonderful training experience. Dr. Ajay has a deep knowledge of implantology and also a good teacher.
Dr. Minesh Shah, Nairobi, Kenya
I came here after attending some lectures and even some short of hands-on on implantology but that was totally inadequate to prepare me in practicing implantology.
Dr. Ahmed Ameen, Libya
I was really over-conscious when joined Dr. Ajay's implant course coming all the way from Libya and had no knowledge about the implants.
Dr. Naboya Maria Nigeria
Dr. Ajay's implant training courses are really good,
Dr. Bashar
A. Salman, Bagdad (Iraq)
I would like to thank Dr. Ajay and Dr. Sunita for your teaching and your help to make me learn implants.
Dr. Bassam Rehab, Oman
I am very grateful for dr ajay to make me learn all the important things about implantology.
Dr. Humphrey
M. Muriithi
(Nairobi, Kenya)
I am a pedodontist in Kenya and accidently discovered this course via internet.
Dr. Rohit Sharma,
himachal Pradesh
I had no knowledge about the implants before I joined their course but after joining this course now
Dr. Vinayak Karun, Maxillofacial surgeon,
Excellent implant surgeon and mentor. Being an oral surgeon I expressed my wish to learn only the prosthetic part of the
Dr. Chandan Bhatnagar,
General dentist,
I had known Dr. Ajay from the time of my dental graduation as he was my two year senior in the dental College.
Dr. Andrew Murphy, General dentist, Ireland,
Dr. Ajay has broken all the apprehensions for placing implants I had, before joining his course.
Ajayi Joachim O, restorative dentist, Nigeria,
I have been practicing dentistry for over 17 years and I developed interest in the Implant practice at the time of my post
Dr. Neha Bhandari Rao, (Oral and maxillofacial surgeon), Saudi Arabia
Dr. Ajay taught the dental implants in detail and made it quite easy to learn this advanced technique.
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