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9 Days comprehensive Implants training

We don't teach But make you Understand dental implants


Course highlights

  1. Detailed audio- visual presentations.
  2. Multiple live implant surgeries
  3. Limited attendance in course to enable personal attention.
  4. Participants will practice to place multiple implants belonging to deferent systems over Dummies.
  5. Full clinical support from faculty for your future implant cases.
  6. Affordable fee structure.
  7. Participants will get the patient to place and restore the implant in patient's mouth.
  8. Multiple implant systems will be taught in the course.
  9. Participants will get special discounted offers over deferent implant systems.
  10. Most preferred venue in north India- you get chance to visit beautiful Taj.

Course details- (What is taught)

  1. Different types & designs of implants
  2. Different kind of inventories used in implant dentistry
  3. Prosthetic options in implant dentistry
  4. Patient Evaluation, Diagnosis & treatment planning- With patient's models, opg, CT images etc.
  5. Indications & Contra-indications
  6. Bone density & availability
  7. Surgical guide fabrication
  8. Sterilization & asepsis
  9. Setting up of the operatory for the surgical phase
  10. Anesthesia
  11. Step by step Surgical Protocols for implants placement
  12. Single stage as well as two stage protocol
  13. Management of complications in implant dentistry
  14. Marketing implant dentistry for your practice
  15. Different types of impression taking procedures for implants prosthetics
  16. Prosthetic options for different implant treatments like
  17. Fixed ceramic, fixed hybrid dentures, removable implants over dentures etc.
  18. All the equipments, materials and implant inventories will be shown and taught to the participants.
  19. Participants will practice to place the implants over the dummy models.
  20. Live multiple implant surgeries in patient's mouth will be shown to the participants
  21. Radiographic template fabrication
  22. CT planning of cases with advanced implant planning software
  23. Extensive surgical planning with opg and CTs of the patients
  24. Surgical stent fabrication over the patient's model
  25. Soft tissue management and basic principles of bone grafting
  26. Basic principles of maxillary sinus elevation and implants placement
  27. Socket preservation (grafting) technique for future implant placement
  28. The participants will place the implant in patient's mouth under the guidance of the faculty. (Participants can bring Their own patients to place the implant and can charge the patient with informed consent).
  29. Step by step prosthetic procedures for implant restoration
  30. Principles of cement retained implant prosthesis
  31. Principles of screw retained implant prosthesis
  32. Progressive bone loading
  33. Immediate loading protocols for implants
  34. Multiple Live prosthetic procedures in patient's mouth will be shown to the participants.
  35. Occlusion considerations
  36. Aesthetic considerations in implant treatments
  37. Participants will practice implant prosthetic procedures over the dummies.
  38. Maintenance of dental implants
  39. Management of complications in implant dentistry
  40. Marketing implant dentistry for your practice
  41. Participants will restore the implant in patient’s mouth under the guidance of the faculty
Certificate - Each participant is awarded With well designed certificate of implant Training after this course

Course Fee

RS 80,000/- (1200$) per participant in the group training of 4-5 dentists and course completed in 3 modules (each module for 3 days at the interval of 2-3 months).

Course fee for international participant or single Indian participant - 2500$ (Training completed in 9 days only in one go)

COURSE FEE excludes all the implant and other materials Participant place and use in patient's mouth

Certificate Courses
Course mentor
Dr. Ajay Vikram Singh MDS, PG. Cert. Dental implant, DICOI
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Course director
Dr. Sunita Singh (Dental surgeon& Implantologist)
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